Vocal Nerd Day

(Beyonce in the rain on top of The Standard, New York! Photo by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar.)

Today it’s Sunday here in Sweden, and a VERY rainy one. In other words, it’s the perfect day to share my current favourite vocal nerd resources.


Guy Babusek Vocal Studio

Eloquent, logical and to the point, these articles written by the amazing voice teacher Guy Babusek covers everything a singer could be interested in, be it the best breathing exercise, performance mentality, how to interpret lyrics, or the mixed voice and how to get there;  you’ll find the subject covered in one of his articles.

GBVS – Voice Lessons in Orange County and Around the World


The Bulletproof Musician

This website is FULL of bulletproof tips based on scientific studies that help you get over your performance anxiety and to practice in the most efficient way. I absolutely love reading the articles that Noa Kageyama writes on a regular basis, and his tips have improved my own performing and practicing, as well as how I teach these two vital skills to my students.

Start Here

Ear training with Rebecca Lam

If you’re into riffs and runs, this is the resource for you! To become good at this difficult skill, it’s a good idea to get those ears tuned into major and minor scales, as well as pentatonic and minor pentatonic scales. But how? Not to fear, the proficient voice teacher Rebecca Lam has provided a ton of pristine recordings of these scales for all voice types and made it available on soundcloud.