About me

My name is Saranna Lundén and I look forward to working with you!

Hearing a voice develop is something that I treasure. Taking singing lessons is fascinating, rewarding, very hard work, personal, sometimes scary, and yes, downright magical. Working on your singing voice takes a significant amount of courage, and since I'm constantly on the journey of developing my own voice, I am familiar with the struggle drive and passion!  That's why I became a vocal coach in the first place. There was so much that I wanted to explore, express, and change in this world – but my voice wasn't having it. So when I finally got in touch with singing techniques that worked for me (first SLS and now IVA) I was absolutely hooked.

Now my mission is to share this knowledge as much and as deeply as I can. I want to share these tools with you, so that self-expression is no longer a "how?" but a "when?".

Be courageous! Love your voice, and give the ultimate proof of this by developing it. It is my firm belief that YOU need to be heard. Your voice can communicate things that no other voice can.

Book a trial singing lesson with me and let's get started!